Gay Separatist Manifesto (1998)

by K6 (aka Kingsix)


Homosexuality exists because we`ve discovered on our own that our sex was attractive.


That discovery occured against all intents,purposes,expectations or wishes of the societies in which we were conceived and reared.None of us would have even been born if homosexuality had been genetic and discoverable before our birth actually occured.


We ow our existence to no one but ourselves.


We must fear those who expound theories about a gay gene.For in the current circumstances,they express more an implicit desire to remove that gene than to tamper in any manner with some other "natural" or "superior" het gene.Who indeed would be allowed to tamper with a het gene if such gene existed and if the technology existed to remove it ?


We must be concerned by right-wing fundamentalists seeking our conversion to heterosexuality.Because in the current situation, homosexuality depends exclusively upon the adhesion of individuals who are supported by no social or state organisation worthy of that name,and who are at the same time faced with various assimilationist and conservative trends among us.


Our difficulties with hets are historical as well as political.


They have originated in a het social and state structure which renders irrelevant the good or the bad intentions or deeds of het

individuals towards us.These difficulties are beyong any intervention confined to the realm of personal relations.


They are also beyong any social intervention which would leave untouched the hetro monopoly on future embodied in hetro copyright on reproductive techniques and exclusive property and authority over mandkind`s offspring.


As things stand,the future is determined solely by the het breeders and owners of this hetro circus,and by none of the political puppets or clowns speaking in their name.


Living in a society which reduces us gays to a minority and which denies us the basic right to continuity and existence as a group,we cannot consider our interests as served.We cannot dwell in moral or spiritual consolation alone.


We cannot contemplate living forever under hetro rule.Sooner or later in history,secession from the hets will have to be contemplated.


None of the existing states were there when homosexuality appeared among humans.None of these passing entities will likely outlive us as a cultural group.We are right as a culture and as a collectivity against any decaying state structure whose demise we would eventually take advantage to set up our own independent republic.


In the course of such a process,no element of the het breeding pattern or social and family structure would of course be retained.We would not return to the past or dwell in its imitation.We would not settle for an heterosexual future.We would,pursuing a general goal of self-determination,invent a future of our own tailored to our needs and in accordance with our earthly interests.


We do not need heterosexuality to go on existing.


We could get all or most of our human replacements through immigration if only we had an independent state of our own to greet and gather the advanced and progressive elements of our people and be rid of the reactionnary ones.


Only in such a state could we also enjoy enough political freedom of action to set up our own breeding and education facilities,based on modern reproductive technology and progressive collective methods of rearing.Only in such a state,our youth could rest at last.


Only in such a state,could we exist and thrive,and not merely survive and start all over again at each generation.